The Drumnuts drum kit guide helps you understand the different styles and levels of drum kits and provides a guide to the different brands of drum manufacturers. View information on student drum kits, beginner drum kits and professional drum kits- how much they cost and links to suppliers. For more information on drum kits check out:
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Toy Drum Kits are just that - toys. They are cheap and fun but don't have much relevance to a student wanting to make music - you'll outgrow this kind of kit very quickly. A beginner kit is definately worth the extra $$.


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Here are Links to some reputable drum set brands:

Premier                                                       Sonor

Tama                                                           Drum Workshop

Yamaha                                                       Pearl

Gretsch                                                       Ludwig

All these brands have drum sets ranging from beginner to professional level. Whether buying new or second hand you are assured of a good level of quality with these brands.

There are also many emerging manufacturers of drum sets of these include;

Ashton                                                      Mapex

Boston                                                      Basix

Omega                                                      Stagg

These drum sets usually represent good value for money and are all produced to a reasonable level of quality. They are aimed at the beginner/student drummer.





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