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Question 1 :

This is Lars Ulrich. What is the name of his band? One of their songs was called "Enter Sandman"

A. Metallica
B. Motor Head
C. West life

Question 2 :

This is Taylor Hawkins from the Foo Fighters. What Grunge band did lead singer Dave Grohl play drums for in the 1990s? 

A. Pearl Jam
B. Nirvana
C. Sound Garden

Question 3 :

Travis Barker is well known for his MTV show Meet the Barkers but what band did he first find fame with?

A. Box Car Racer
B. Janes Addiction
C. Blink 182

Question 4 :

This is Andy Hurley. His bands songs include; 'Dance Dance' & 'Sugar Were Goin Down'. What are they called?

A. My Chemical Romance
B. Fall Out Boy
C. The Kooks


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